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Endweek Update from Harligen / San Benito

Good Morning!

Well, the Windward group is off to South Padre Island for a little fun in the sun.  WOW!  What a week of prayer, service, unity and love.  We were able to experience the fathers "Corazon" and now see folks from HIS perspective…meaning "from the cross". 

Because of the power of the Holy Spirit we were able to witness over a dozen salvations thru the D2D ministry this week and community BBQ last night.  We now have many memories, new friendships and a renewed upwards relationship…ohh  and also left some "luggage" here @ WOTC. 

I can honestly say that this group is leaving changed for the better.  And as I heard this week "Va A Pasar
Algo Bueno"…."Something good is going to happen".  There used to be a statement printed on the drivers side mirror…."Beware…Things are closer than they seem".  Parents….Your kids are getting closer to God than you think!   

In HIS service,
Cesar Gonzalez and Shannon Bourgeois
Project Leaders