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Long Term Relationships in Matamoros

Two weeks ago, I spent a week in Matamoros with a team that has been ministering and building relationships in Mexico for 14 years and continues unafraid. We want to thank everyone who covered us in prayer!! We had no trouble at all.

We spent most of the week visiting and ministering to the many families that this team from Wisconsin has built relationships with over the years. We were especially blessed to spend time with Franscisco and Guadalupe, a special couple who just 2 years ago surrendered to The Lord. The team visited them every year for many years, even hosting the ir kids at VBS, but only two years ago did a wall of suspicion and distince fall by Francisco. God's grace prevailed!!

As always we werre blessed by all the families we spent time with.

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  1. I am a reporter based in Brownsville. I would like to talk to some of the people who are going to minister in Matamoros. It would be great to hear your story and found out why you go there. Thanks.

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